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Common Rugby Injuries

Rugby is a fun, fast-paced sport that is as exciting to play as it is to watch. But, the price of competing in such a high impact contact sport is that rugby players are at particularly high risk of injury. In fact, rugby has the highest risk of injury per player per hour of any…

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Treatments for Elbow Arthritis

In the second of our blogs to mark National Arthritis Awareness Month, we are exploring the range of treatments available for people with elbow arthritis. This type of arthritis is one of the less common forms and you can find more information about the causes and what symptoms to look out for in our blog…

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Man with elbow arthritis

What Causes Elbow Arthritis?

To mark Arthritis Awareness Month, we are looking at the causes of one of the less common forms of arthritis – elbow arthritis. Although elbow pain is a common problem it is rarely caused by arthritis and is more normally due to soft tissue problems, such as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, or the result…

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