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Preventing Golf Injuries

Golf is the fifth largest participant sport in England, according to England Golf’s biannual club membership report, last published in 2018. The report stated that more than two million people are playing golf at least twice a month. The average number of members per golf club has risen to 484 compared to 460 in 2016.…

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Common Golf Injuries

An estimated one million people in the UK play golf. The combined appeal of a skilled and competitive sport played in the open air makes it easy to see why golf is a favourite pastime for many. However, golf can place a significant strain on your arms, shoulders, wrists and back, and golfing injuries can…

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shoulder ultrasound injection

Are Steroid Injections Safe During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

If you have joint pain your doctor may recommend having an injection of steroid (also called corticosteroid or cortisone) mixed with local anaesthetic, to relieve the discomfort and reduce inflammation. Steroid injections are given by doctors directly into the affected muscle or joint. They normally take a few days to start working and the effect…

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